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This job opening has been closed. If you'd like to work with us, please see our current job openings.

WMF Job Description: Fundraising Software Developer


Front-End Developer (Fundraising) [CLOSED]


The core purpose of this job is providing technical and interaction design support (design, development and testing) to Wikimedia's fundraising team, with focus on its community giving initiatives targeting hundreds of thousands of donors. You work closely with the fundraising software developer.

Depending on fundraising priorities, this position will also support Wikimedia website related technology initiatives with front-end development expertise, but such support will likely not exceed 20% in total.


  • Work closely with designers in implementing the central designs and messages of Wikimedia's campaigns
  • Design, test and implement new banners, landing pages, forms, and interactive functionality related to Wikimedia's fundraising efforts
  • Conceptualize and develop visualizations related to donations, donor comments, and donor story submissions for two primary purposes
    • for analysis and reports, working closely with the fundraising software developer
    • for creating an immersive and compelling donor experience, creating a sense of scale and significance associated with supporting Wikimedia
  • Lead and support user tests of Wikimedia's fundraising modules, and implement improvements according to test findings
  • Support Wikimedia's annual giving campaign, typically from November through January
  • Support front-end development work related to Wikimedia's general website functionality and other services, such as editing and discussion tools
  • Other duties as required.


  • 5+ years experience in PHP/JavaScript/HTML/CSS front-end development
  • Experience with cross-browser compatibility testing
  • Experience developing beautiful, functional and standards-compliant websites
  • Experience working with clients or users in optimizing interaction design
  • Experience with PHP and JavaScript security


  • Ability to create high quality designs without additional support is a major plus.
  • Experience leading or supporting user tests is a major plus.
  • Experience contributing to open source software projects is a major plus.
  • Experience with CiviCRM or other fundraising software is a major plus.
  • Experience with MediaWiki, Drupal and other open source PHP-based content management systems is a major plus.
  • Any other free/open software development experience highly welcome.
  • You must be comfortable in a highly collaborative, consensus-oriented environment.
  • Systems operations experience in a Linux/Unix environment is a plus.
  • Experience with wikis and participatory production environments is a plus.
  • Understanding of the free culture movement is a plus.
  • Good sense of humor is a plus.
  • The ideal candidate will be creative, highly motivated, and able to operate effectively in multiple cultural and technical contexts.

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