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guiding principles: freedom and open source

we are deeply rooted in the values of the free culture and free software movements

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guiding principles: serving every human being

we aim to make material in the Wikimedia projects broadly accessible to all

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guiding principles: transparency

we aim to do much of our work in public, rather than in private, typically on public wikis

Accountability wmf.jpg

guiding principles: accountability

we want to be accountable to the people who create the Wikimedia projects, to donors, and to readers


guiding principles: stewardship

we utilize resources in consideration of the interests of the mission and the entire global community


guiding principles: shared power

the Wikimedia Foundation works in partnership with a global community of volunteers

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guiding principles: internationalism

we support projects that are international in scope, and we aspire to reflect that internationalism in our own work

Freespeech wmf.jpg

guiding principles: free speech

we believe that everyone in the world has a right to free access to information

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guiding principles: independence

part of our job is to ensure that the freedom and independence of the projects is never compromised

Meet us: Staff spotlight

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Eliza Barrios, IT Technical Support

I work at the Foundation's San Francisco headquarters and live a bike ride away close to the Castro neighborhood. I’ve lived here for over a decade and have seen the city transform into the epicenter of innovative technology. I work within the OIT (Office IT) Team making sure everyone's machines are functioning properly. Me, along with four other team members, help keep the entire Foundation's technical systems running smoothly. From Product, to Legal, to Advancement, to Community Engagement, to Finance to HR, it is absolutely rewarding to know that what I do ensures our mission, the mission of helping every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

For a current list of Wikimedia Foundation employees and contractors, see staff and contractors.

Our values

We strive for excellence.

With leaps and bounds as well as stumbles and false-starts, we seek to continually improve ourselves, our projects, our communities, our world. With initiative and experimentation, we iterate our way toward making the world a better place, an excellent place. With curiosity and humility, we learn from our mistakes as well as our successes. We are duty-bound to steward our resources and deliver exceptional products and services.

We welcome and cherish our differences.

The sum of all knowledge for every single human being; we can’t do that by leaving people out. Our vision is about more than providing universal access to all forms of knowledge. It’s about creating an inclusive culture. It’s about inviting others to join in and thrive with us. It’s about embracing human diversity. It’s about saying, “We see you and you belong with us.”

Our differences are precious; they make us smarter, stronger, more humble. They balance our biases and weaknesses. They open our minds. We do our best work when we understand a problem from all its perspectives.

We encourage others to do what we can’t, and we help them succeed. When voices are absent, ignored, or silenced, we seek them out. We are welcoming hosts, caring neighbors, and equitable allies. We don’t fear difference. We welcome it with curiosity, delight, and hope.

We are in this together.

Collaboration is not always easy. Sometimes we struggle. Working together is hard, but it’s worth it. We do it because it makes us stronger. We solve problems better together. For it to work well, each of us needs to be honest, accountable, and transparent to one another.

But it runs deeper still for many of us: we find joy and belonging in human connection. We are there for one another; we support one another through life’s ups and downs, our mistakes, our successes. We challenge one another in service of our personal and professional development.

We engage in civil discourse.

Our words have power. What we say has consequences. Engaging in civil discourse requires kindness, care, respect, tact, empathy, trust, and safety. It is key to getting, giving, and receiving good information. We must create space where people feel safe to express themselves and be heard. This is true especially when we disagree. If we do not understand what the other is feeling, we are still open-minded to where they are coming from. We strive for empathy, we accept no less than civility.

We are inspired.

We are guided by a vision of a better world. We are taking on a huge challenge. We revere what has come before and are in awe of the work ahead. It brings us hope. It fills us with wonder. When we are inspired, we play and laugh together. It’s not about one big party, it’s about making space for new ideas and new connections, making space for creativity. Inquisitiveness arises when we’re having fun. It’s ok to wonder, to ponder. We don’t need to take ourselves too seriously. When we are inspired, we do excellent work.

You can read more about why values are important to us and our process in selecting these particular values here: Wikimedia Foundation values framing.


Join our editing community

Join us! It's easy to get started, and you will likely learn something new in the process. If you've never edited before, try our tutorial in your native language. And, of course, be sure to check out all of our projects. Every Wikimedia project is always in search of volunteers. Be bold!

Philosophy and policies

Frequently asked questions

When will I be contacted about the status of my application?

Due to the volume of the responses that we receive, we only contact applicants that have been chosen for further consideration. We will then follow up with all candidates selected for interviews with an e-mail indicating the status of their application. Upon the position being filled you will be notified via email.

What should I do if I do not hear back from anyone after an interview has taken place?

We take as much time as needed to ensure that each candidate’s suitability is carefully and thoroughly assessed. Due to our interview volume, there may be occasional delays in communication during the interview process. Please feel free to reach out to the Recruiter handling your application throughout the interview process if you would like to learn of current status.

There are two different jobs that I am interested in, can I just submit one resume?

We recommend applicants to submit their resumes and cover letters for each individual position that they wish to apply for. By doing so you will ensure that we have received a copy of each application submitted. We recommend specifying in the cover letter why you are interested in multiple positions and elaborating as to why you are a fit for one or more positions. This helps to provide additional context when reviewing your application.

How do I know the salary range for a particular job?

The salary range for each position is subject to several determining factors including your skills and experience, the current market and our budget. The Wikimedia Foundation takes fairness in compensation seriously, and takes extra steps to review and set compensation to ensure this. If you are chosen for an interview be prepared to discuss your needs with the Recruiter. We do our best to be fair and competitive keeping in mind that every dollar spent at the Wikimedia Foundation is a dollar donated by an individual or small group.

Can international applicants apply for positions with the Wikimedia Foundation?

Yes! We are a global organization and welcome international applicants for positions with the Wikimedia Foundation. Please see our pluralism, internationalism, and diversity policy.

Do you offer internships?

Wikimedia offers many internship opportunities throughout the course of the year. We encourage all interested individuals to check our web site regularly and apply for any internship opportunities that may be of interest to them.

How do I apply for an internship opportunity at the Wikimedia Foundation?

All Wikimedia Foundation internship opportunities are listed on the `Work with us’ page of our web site and on other internet job boards, for anyone to apply.

How can I determine if an internship position is paid or unpaid?

Internship eligibility and requirements vary from position to position. Please carefully review the position description as posted on the site The job posting will mention if the internship is paid or unpaid, along with any requirements or additional information we may need from your school.

Does the Wikimedia Foundation sponsor US work authorization for internships?

Although the Wikimedia Foundation does not sponsor work authorization, the Foundation may be able coordinate with schools or third party sponsors to assist in the process. Additionally, some internships may be eligible for remote assignments outside the US.

Thank you for your interest in working with us at Wikimedia Foundation!

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